We had a great time at Hill Country !

Thanx to all our loyal fans who made it to HILL COUNTRY Tuesday night to cheer us on. We much appreciate the support, especially considering it was a late gig on a school night. The consensus was that this was one of the band’s top outings …owing to a rigorous rehearsal schedule, top-notch professional sound (thanx Jason!) and the prodigious talents of the NOBODY’S BUSINESS SINGERS, Louise Wise and Lisa Moore. Much appreciated ladies! And let’s do this again soon. HILL COUNTRY is a first-rate venue, so we’d love to go back there – and late afternoon Wednesday there was good news on that front too. Booker Wil Gravatt reported “great reviews” from the whole HILL COUNTRY staff, and said he wanted to book us again for a Thursday… or even a weekend! We’re very pumped about this, not least because it gives those of you who didn't come out another chance to see us at a really nice venue.

Meanwhile, onward to the Bannockburn Festival!

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