Great Fun at Jounopalooza III

Those of you who came out, thank you, but your real reward was the night of great music.  So much talent, so little time.   Next year, let's make it a all-day festival !

Anyway, if you missed it, we hope we'll have some video to show sooner rather than later, so you can get a sense of the whole kit and kaboodle sounds like;  Nobody's Business, with Mel singing, Nobody's Horns and the Nobizettes !  We had 12 people up on stage sounded pretty sweet.

We hope that we can find another venue that can accomdate the whole package.  But then, we still haven't gotten our marketing act together enough to find even a more modest room.  But we're phyched now, so look out DC !!!

All the best,

-The Nobiz gang