Mark your calendar for the NB's late September and early October dates

We're looking forward to two gigs at the end of September and early October.  

First, we'll be at Hill Country Barbeque on Tuesday, September 27.  in case you haven't yet been by or heard about it yet, Hill Country is a wonderful new, authentic Austin-style barbeque and live music venue downtown in the lively Penn Quarter area at 7th and D Streets.  It's always good to get a little taste of Texas, and the Austin attitude toward live music is about as good as it gets.  We're psyched to get a booking there and we're going to use the time between now and then to work on some new material and sharpen some of the old favorites.  We'll also be hitting up all our friends to come out on a school night for some great barbeque and live music.  It's a great venue for the NBs, and we're hoping the club managers agree, so come on out and support us!  

Then, on Saturday, October 1, we'll return to the Bannockburn Community Club for a (first annual?) outdoor music festival featuring a wide range of bands with ties to the community.  We're hoping for some typical, awesome early October weather, and are looking forward to enjoying all the bands that take the stage starting early afternoon and going into the evening.  Local home brewers will be sharing their craft, and proceeds go to maintaining the community clubhouse.  We hope a lot of you can make it out to this family friendly event!  

Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer, stay cool, and make sure to get out to hear some live music whenever you can!

- the No Biz Bunch