Long time, no post

Sorry.  We know, in theory, that a website does need maintainence.  Attention, even.  Enagagement would be even better.   So, there's hope for us.  We know that we need to get better.

Anyway, we have new tunes on the site, representing our new demo with Mel.  We think it sounds great, but we're awfully prejudiced.  So be kind.

We're coming up on our 3rd Journopalooza this Jan 21.  Do come on out and help support a good cause (and us, incidentally. They're really going to have a battle of the Journo bands, so we need your votes). 

And after that, out with the demo door to door with club-owners until we get some open-venue gigs where we can actually play for you folks. (Of course, we do love all the private parties and weddings, too, but every now and then there's nothing like a good rowdy bar.  R.I.P Grog and Tankard)

So.  Stay tuned...and we'll send out info as it develops.


The NoBiz Bunch